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 The results were nothing short of amazing, I thought. After visit no 1, the pain was reduced by some 25 percent. Visit no 2 a week later reduced the pain by a staggering 85 percent. Visit no 3 cured the problem 

Tom Kaehler, Journalist (age 48)

Testimonials / Client Stories

“Karen is a fantastic person to speak to about fertility and hormonal worries. After trying to conceive for about 10 months with no success I saw Karen who treated me for an imbalance of my immune system. Taking Karen's prescribed homeopathic remedy and nutritional supplements I fell pregnant on the very next cycle! I have continued to see Karen throughout my pregnancy and have been feeling really well.”

“I would highly recommend speaking to Karen about your fertility concerns. She is kind, understanding and a brilliant practitioner.”

Sophie, Lawyer (age 32)

“I visited Karen Willis after having her repeatedly recommended to me by a friend. I'd had 6 months of stomach discomfort after eating, increased food intolerances, fatigue and not feeling myself. I was run down and catching every bug that was doing the rounds. My doctor couldn't seem to help.”

“After a visit to Karen I was reassured things could be fixed but reserved judgement until my 6 weeks of treatment were over. I was amazed by the results. After just a couple of weeks I'd started to feel much better and after the full 6 weeks I was fighting fit, and not just back to my usual self, but even better.”

“Karen's lovely demeanour and straightforward approach is refreshing and relaxing, and I look forward to seeing her for regular health checks in the future.”

Victoria, Design Director (age 34)

“Karen Willis can somehow create magic. In the 6 years i've been going to her she's sorted out my aching back, shoulder and neck. She's rebalanced me and often after only 1 session. I don't always completely understand what she's doing but I trust her because everything she has done has worked. She also treated me throughout my pregnancy and when my daughter was born with ventouse and forceps she gave some cranial to help rebalance her too. Karen has such a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience you know she has thought through, decided and acted in the best way possible for you. No matter where I move to I'll seek her out because she is my best kept secret and I have not found anyone better.”

Kate, Communications Coach and Consultant (age 43)

“I wasn't able to run for 7 months because of a hip injury. In spite of months of physio it just wasn't getting better; I was starting to worry it might be serious, and the lack of exercise was getting me down. A friend suggested Karen and after just one session I was able to run again, pain free. I've spent a month building up my distances and am almost back to my previous fitness. After all those months of pain I still can't quite believe I can run again! Karen is friendly, professional and really knows her stuff; as well as fixing my hip, she (unprompted) found and fixed a whole bunch of other minor problems that I'd learned to live with. Amazing!”

Olivia, IT Manager (age 36)

“I visited Karen after a year of increasing pain in my left hip which worsened in cold weather, and at rest. Fearing the worst, I was avoiding dealing with it and my yoga practice was being affected. Karen gave me a thorough assessment and (painless) manipulations which brought about, after only one visit, a complete end to the pain I had been experiencing ad my yoga practice has been restored to normal. I could not believe it: she's a miracle-worker! Thank you, Karen!”

Bettina, Web Manager (age 49)

“After 1 treatment my back is now so much better and my neck feels wonderful - thanks so much !”

Sarah, Silversmith (age 62)

“After seeing the improvement in Jimmy within just 1 week, his sister now wishes to come and see you! Karen you're incredible!!”

Alexis, Lecturer (age 28)

“My back is feeling so much better. It cleared up just one day after treatment. So thanks!”

Jo, Film Producer (age 25)

“My job involves hours and hours stooped over a computer keyboard, tensing my shoulders. Thanks to this, for about four years I’ve suffered persistent pain in my upper and lower back, affecting my sleep and general demeanour. I had tried massage, pilates, the gym and visited several osteopaths – all with varying degrees of success. It was only after seeing Karen that my back showed real and lasting improvement. After one visit it was getting better and after three or four I had absolutely no stiffness or pain. Karen’s patiently and decisively diagnosed what was wrong, and used a variety of treatment approaches. I now have the posture and back of an18 year-old. If I could just get the abs to match that I’d be sorted.”

Ben Piears, Journalist (age 35)

“I don’t know whether it was my passion for sailing, which means ‘hiking out’ for long periods of time in strong winds in a single-handed boat, putting a lot of pressure on the lower back, or being desk-bound at work for ever longer times. But one day it came like a bolt out of the blue – my back was killing me – I was in agony. I couldn’t sleep, and every turn at night hurt. I had to give up all sporting activity. Ibuprofen, normally used to reduce inflammation, didn’t help at all. A friend suggested I see an Osteopath. As I had never seen an Osteopath before I had no clear idea of what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to get rid of this terrible backache. This is how I met Karen. Could she help me? I outlined the problem. I didn’t take her long to diagnose that one of the XYZ joints on the left was completely out of sync. She did as Osteopaths do, realigning all those bones and joints, followed by some gentle acupuncture. The results were nothing short of amazing, I thought. After visit no 1, the pain was reduced by some 25 percent. Visit no 2 a week later reduced the pain by a staggering 85 percent. Visit no 3 cured the problem. The treatments were so amazingly effective. About 4 weeks later, whilst I’m still spending far too much time in my office chair (me thinks), I have been sailing again, with what seems to be a completely new lower back. Thank you, Karen!”

Tom Kaehler, Journalist (age 48)

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